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Ignorance ...

One does not get in debt by being born because one is born with an unlimited potential.

1. Private credit or currencies are symbolic of human energy:

Premise: Value does not exist in nature
Premise: All value derives from human action (ie. energy)

2. A purpose of loaning money is to exchange a thing for future human energy:

Premise: Party Debtor pledges private credit by signing a Promissory Note. An instrument which commands interest against the signature by whomever possesses the instrument.

Premise: Party Creditor pledges private credit by signing a Currency Note. An instrument which does not command interest the signature by whomever possesses the instrument.

Note: Clearly there exists an inequality of obligations to pay, a distortion amplified by the concept of legal tender.

3. The courts of the United States have decreed when transacting in the unit of account called dollars there is no legal distinction between gold and paper because dollars are defined by congress.

Premise: The common use of contractual language " ... in gold coin of the United States of America of the present standard weight and fineness or its equivalent in lawful money of the United States."

"A Missouri contract of June 17, 1862, to pay “in the current gold coin of the United States, in full tale and count, without regard to any legal tender that may be established or declared by any law of Congress” was held satisfied by payments in the nominal value in any legal tender money. The court said that it was not a contract to be paid in bullion, or in so many pounds or ounces of gold, but in a certain number of dollars, in coin. The transaction did not regard gold as a commodity but as money. The Legal Tender Act had made Treasury notes of like value with gold. As a legal medium there could be no distinction between notes and gold."


4. In accordance with the Federal Reserve Act, Congress has decreed it may exchange U.S. securities for Federal Reserve Notes.

Premise: There is no constitutional prohibition or mandate restricting currencies the incorporated United States may use.

5. The term Citizen is a title of an employee or franchise of the incorporated United States who performs a function of government (ie. work such as voting, paying taxes, self enumeration, etc.) for free in order to receive a gain or benefit (ie. mafia protection if tribute is in good standing).

Premise: "We The People." In the American system when a person votes they are acting in the capacity of a citizen. When a person adopts or ratifies a constitution they are acting in the capacity of people.

6. At birth, parents establish and ordain the title of their posterity by naming it. Parents then use said title to make application for a United States citizen title in a form titled Application For Live Birth.

Premise: There is an exchange of obligations represented by the Application For Live Birth bearing the signature of parents and a Certificate of Birth bearing the signature of an authorized official. Parents are liable for all children using said title because they have a duty and obligation to explain the political club's rules. The state has an obligation to protect potential future revenues of potential future taxpayers.

Note: For legal purposes the title of a person which is the object of statutes and codes constitutes a Christian or one or more given names and a surname (ie. First Middle Last) unless of course you are Prince and obtain permission to change the official title of your person to a symbol.

While I agree with your general sentiment that the net effect is as government goes in debt it collects from the citizenry and that government prefers to exclude anyone who does not pay tribute from commercial activities I would argue it is technically an indirect process. If you want to debate the minutia of birth registration or Federal Reserve to U.S. Treasury transactions I would be happy to.

Since you asserted I am clueless let's talk about something I actually advocate instead of an obscure comment I made about money. I noticed you did not comment in a thread I created titled Declaration of a Free and Independent Man. I advocate:

1. Geographical organization which is an action that requires people to help one another in order to achieve.
2. Elimination of (via a local political majority and reconverting local public property to private property) local property taxes, licenses, fines, police which solely exist to enforce revenue codes, etc. which makes one beholden to the intellectual property of the incorporated United States dollar payment system.
3. Develop a local community of commerce which transacts in time, weight, or anything except Ceasar's dollars.

What I advocate:

1. Is realistically achievable on a small scale.
2. Does not involve violence or overthrowing the incorporated United States.
3. Requires a courageous people willing to preserve and/or defend their liberty and/or property if the mafia decides to unjustly trespass.
4. Can be achieved quicker and cheaper than any political endeavor convincing a majority of United States voters.
5. Is leading sheeple by example.
6. Creates more happiness when people are among like minded and/or kindred spirits.