Comment: In your mind, creation "scientist" == creationist == christians

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In your mind, creation "scientist" == creationist == christians

You are retroactively labeling anyone in white european history who was Christian a "creation scientist". For one thing, all of the above men were *not* fundamentalist, which creationism boils down to.

Second, "creation scientist" refers to someone supposedly involved in the supposed "science" regarding creationism--the realm of biology and man's origins. The term absolutely no meaning whatsoever if it's used on a person who just happens to be a christian (or maybe even a creationist)--your RELIGION doesn't make you a "scientist".

If it did, shit man, I'm a scientist too! why don't we all just put on labcoats, sit in a circle and beat each other off? You're totally missing the context of this conversation.