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nawww, not me... maybe you. i

nawww, not me... maybe you. i think eventually when u realize u cant achieve ur utopia ull prob just cry and give up. i have the advantage of not being disappointed if reality doesn't bend to my wishes.

any liberty thats been achieved on this earth has been achieved by practical means and hard headed realists. if dreamers had any role it was in providing ready made rhetoric to grease the wheels of violent revolutions. the revolutions themselves were made possible by changes in economic and technological conditions that shifted balances of power amongst individuals and groups in society. whether they used violence or not was merely incidental.

that's why the distribution of power is what interests me, not false abstract premises based on wishes hatched in my own head.

whether you listen to all the great world religions, or the modern psychology developed from the evolutionary study of human beings, both point to a human nature that is not in accord with socialistic or anarchistic utopian schemes.