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Explaing what it is shows why it is so

What I see you telling me is this:

I LOVE the GOP exactly as I think it is, a war party filled with people who I refuse to stand with, and I want to keep the GOP exactly as it is. I want McCain and Graham and all those who support them to remain in the GOP and to climb the ranks because as long as the GOP is what it is, I can continue to love to hate it.

Ron Paul's TRUTH drew me in. He was right about the GOP being ripe to be taken. He didn't tell us we had to sign loyalty oaths, or sign pergury papers.. those of us who worked to become national delegates had a HELL of a time. It seems to me now, Ron Paul's TRUTH, left a lot of gaps for those who took his message to heart and worked to materialize it.. and now that I did all that work, I really beieve his campaigns were not because he wanted to win.. he was setting Rand up. I feel totally set up. But at this point, having learned so much through hard knocks, and you've seen the hard KNOCKS we took for Ron Paul, the REAL BEAUTY is Rand.. because Rand IS turning the ship around and the GOP is coming around. I would have never thoght that I would have lived to see the day, but I am. Just the other week a Republican who was very hard on me for supporting Ron, told me, "I never understood Ron Paul, but now I see what he is saying, and I really like Rand Paul." I took that as an apology for what they did to me (if they could have put me in jail they would have, that's how hard they personally fought me).

As I mentioned to a poster below.. I worked with Ralph Nader on three elections to OPEN DEBATES and GET BALLOT ACCESS for Indy's and third parties. What we did back fired.. we helped the states close the loopholes, so NO Indy will ever get in a debate or beyond primary ballot access.

I NEVER belonged to a major party until 2011. In 07/08 I had lunch with Ron Paul and BEGGED HIM, tried to show him.. GO INDY WE CAN WIN GO INDY. He wouldn't. And there was NO WAY IN HELL I was going to join the GOP. I joined in 2011 for Ron. It HURT. It was HARD. Today, my committee is a LIBERTY COMMITTEE.. so it worked out.. and Rand is a good candidate because he's keeping the GOP POWER, and I'm happy.. it's better than anything I ever experienced because we are rising in the ranks, we are rewriting the by-laws and reslutions and we are changing the GOP.

I am going to do what I can to get Rand the presidency and I hope some young and talented Republicans replace Rand and take more offices. To me, they are the brave ones who are working, not waiting for the GOP to materialize Ron Paul's message.