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Comment: Keeping us safe

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Keeping us safe

Is just lip service. The constant erosion of liberty and sovereignty both here and abroad can only have one purpose: global governance.

Seeing how easily the Bolivian President's plane was brought down and searched, shows how little sovereignty and diplomacy really matter.

Just wait until they've finished pacifying non-aligned countries.

We will be next.

Non-aligned citizen groups and organizations.

That might change if we wrest full control of the Republican party from the Neo-Cons. That's the only out I see.

That means kicking out the big 4 ringleaders: John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Peter King and Eric Cantor. Then severing ties with the Neo-Con press and promoting our own.

McConnell, Boehner and Priebus are weak willed, and will swing whichever way the wind blows.