Comment: Pssst, here's a hint...

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Pssst, here's a hint...

They used incrementalism on us. They incrementally stripped away all our freedom and liberty until we were left with none.

Rand Paul is doing the same thing back to them--in reverse!

1. He's fighting to legalize hemp for industrial purposes.

(Do you realize it's very challenging differentiating hemp from marijuana? Once that's implemented, that weed will be growing everywhere outside of official crops due to the wind. Remember it's called weed for a reason--it grows anywhere & everywhere. Enforcing marijuana drug laws will become virtually impossible!)

2. He wants to decriminalize marijuana possession.

Come on, man! Just connect the dots. Rand Paul is a genius. Listen to his first speech on the Senate floor. He basically wiped his feet on Henry Clay! You gotta love this guy!

"Clapper lied to us. Snowden told the truth." -Rand Paul