Comment: OK, so Rand isn't perfect.

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OK, so Rand isn't perfect.

Show me who is. On balance, Rand is the best we have in the Senate. He is working hard to move ideas of liberty into the mainstream discussion. In playing political chess, he has made mistakes in judgement, but he has gained some ground, in spite of being a freshman Senator in the minority party.

What I don't understand is why so much effort is being wasted to trash the best man we have currently down there. How many posts have the Rand naysayers posted on other forums attacking real problem politicians such as Graham, McCain, Rubio, Schumer, etc.

Let's be clear: the Karl Roves and the Neo-Con establishment stooges already are working to get another Romney on the Republican ticket in 2016. We already are in a world of a certain proverbial substance; can you imagine what our future will hold if the nominee in 2016 is Jeb Bush (~barf~), Chris Christy (~puke~), or maybe Rick Santorum (~up-chuck~).

If you have someone who is as good or better than Rand, and has at least as much of a credible snowball's chance, then tell us who you have in mind. (And no, as much as I love guys like Justin Amash, he could move up to Senator, but he has zero chance at President. Please be realistic.)

We need to coalesce around a candidate and back him or her to the hilt, or the establishment will shove another dirt bag down our throats.

A large ship doesn't turn on a dime after the rudder has shifted, and our decades-long slide into collectivism can't be undone by a Ron Paul in shining armor. (Ron has invested years in laying the educational groundwork that will facilitate the movement that will ultimately succeed. He had no illusions he was going to accomplish the restoration single-handedly.) Restoring our Constitutional Republic is a long process that includes winning the hearts and minds of our neighbors, not an over-night electoral win. It will take a few years. Ron Paul is too far ahead of his time for the public of today. Successfully electing Rand, who soft-sells much of the message, will represent a political earthquake as it is.

After over 40 years of involvement, no one is more anxious than I am to see the Liberty Movement finally triumphant. However, I realize that if we are to be successful, we have some years of hard work ahead of us, and looking for shortcuts and easy fixes will only put us behind.