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We cannot do anything useful

towards winning until we have WAY more intelligence gathering activities and detailed dossiers built on the criminal usurpers at every level. We don't need civil disobedience we only need to truly understand and exercise our laws and use the tyrants actions to collect detailed intelligence on those who wish to subvert our laws and our rights. I am talking about WINNING the same way the founding fathers won against the strongest military might in the history of the world at that time. The founders won because of their detailed intelligence and divine providence. They understood law and they exercised ALL law and this gave them every advantage necessary to be victorious. They knew every single thing about the British activities, movements and supply chains. They understood the importance of intelligence gathering and this intelligence is what enabled their victory.

It is actually really simple what we need to do. We only need to know our law and exercise our Liberty and happiness. The tyrants cannot stand liberty and especially happiness and they will attack everyone who exercises their liberty and happiness and this is exactly what enables us to begin collecting all the intel we need on who the criminal usurpers are locally. The tyrants will come right to us when we exercise our rights freedom and happiness. The key is being smart enough to know what to do with these opportunities of the tyrants exposing their true colors. Throw your drivers licenses away, take your license plates off your cars, stop paying property taxes, tell the IRS to take their usurpations and criminal fraud and go shove it, go sell some ice cream on the street, go dance in the street and be happy. The criminals will come to you like flies on sh*t. Tell the facts of the law to the courts and police that their only job is to respond to accusers claiming violations of life liberty or obstruction to the pursuit of happiness and that if they do not act in agency to an accuser who is a member of the governed who has exercised the powers of justice (just powers) then they are breaking the law, challenge their jurisdiction on every act they perform that is not in agency of an accuser accepting liability, inform them consent was never issued for their unlawful colorable actions and that it is your duty to throw off such tyrannical government. Build detailed dossiers on every single tyrant that violates your rights. Find out where they live document where they hang out. Build databases of intelligences dossiers on them and inform them justice will be sought and exercised for any colorable acts that violate your rights. Let them know the intelligence gained on them and let them know their criminal activities will never be tolerated again. Gain a valid cause of action against them and take it to our juries and when they obstruct justice document these criminals too and let them know they will be thrown in prison for their felony crimes against you. Keep going back to the juries document the criminals and build intelligence dossiers on ALL of them.

We do not need to commit civil disobedience because we have no obligation to obey them in any way for colorable acts not derived from consent of the governed through a valid cause of action of an accuser accepting liability for their accusations. They claim no liability and almost never have a principle accuser they are acting in agency for and this is colorable actions by them. They claim code violations but code does not and does not even claim to be applicable to we the people. Once you completely understand why and how code does not apply to the people then you will know the true extent of your own rights and their bound duty to the Constitutional contract they voluntarily obligated themselves to.

Drop the political spit spats with your fellow countrymen and demand that war be declared against the banks and intelligence agencies violating our rights and that the full force of the US military be utilized to destroy these most egregious enemies of We the People. Get the word out to active military personnel and inform them that We the People demand the military exercise their superior power to go after and destroy the enemies of all free people. Form well regulated militias that will exercise their power to arrest the criminals who are obstructing justice and usurping our laws and bring the criminals before our juries. Let them know that we are going to be free and they will obey their contractual obligations to the people or they will go to prison. Utilize the money you save from not paying taxes to pay for private security forces who will protect your community from the tyrants who will most definitely show up when you exercise your freedoms. Draw them in with free speech and organized actions knowing that they will walk right into a trap to be arrested and taken before juries. Do everything lawful and take happiness and freedom to the absolute maximum and the tyrants will show up and then utilize this foresight to bring them to justice. There are literally millions of things we can do that are NOT being done right now and that are totally lawful. We have no requirement to allow them to reduce us to absolute despotism and it is THE LAW for us to bring them to justice. I could go on and on on how many things we can do but to understand these strategies requires that people understand that the Constitution, code and statutes DO NOT apply to the people and never did. We already have common law and code is for regulating government and commercial entities contracted with the state for limited liability status of personhood. If We the People do not understand this simple fact in law then we will never understand how to protect our rights and we will never gain access to divine providence necessary for complete victory. Our ignorance of law is really the only battle there is. If we do not become victorious over our own ignorance of the REAL LAW then we will never gain access to the protections of DIVINE LAW and we will lose everything.

The game is rigged and it only really matters when we do not understand our own laws. Once we understand that codes/statutes who no application to us then politics really does not matter at all. TPTB already know this and that is why they are destroying us right now. Most now think code/statutes is applicable law to We the People and this is simply not correct. Everyone is obeying every code/statute they throw at us and we are wasting our time with this nonsense when if you actually who the code applies to it applies to Persons NOT People. Read the historical definitions of person and then you will see what I am talking about here. When the people realize that codes/statutes have no lawful application to the people then we can focus our efforts where they need to be; ON JUSTICE!

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...