Comment: What THEY want is random

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What THEY want is random

It depends on the level of the person within the compartmentalization complex and the task at hand.(assuming compartmentalization to be shaped like a pyramid with the controlling entity as the capstone)

Perhaps they are told you are a terrorist if they are a government agency.

If they are adamantly left wing, they will be told you are right wing, or vice-versa.

If they are FBI they will be told you are a communist, a foreign agent or a threat to national security.

If they are CIA you are a threat to US interests abroad.

But let's be clear, at the top there is only one reason. That reason is currently unknowable. My suspicion is that it is extremely evil.

And you can't opt out because there is no 'brave new world' we can currently move to as this current empire in shadow is showing itself to be virtually worldwide with little resistance remaining.