Comment: Why does Michael need a

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Why does Michael need a

Why does Michael need a reason at all? It's his site he has the right to do what he wants without having to explain it to anyone.

For those of you that are going to claim that he is infringing on your 1st amendment rights need to go back and re read the constitution and bill of rights. It says CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW, not Michael Nystrom shall make no law, what rights do you think you have here? Answer, NONE! You are a guest on someone else private property, you are free to start your own site and run it how ever you wish; however, you have NO RIGHT to tell anyone on their private property what to do.

That's a big problem around here, many claim to want to defend the constitution and stand up for their right but they don't even understand the constitution or their rights. How do you protect and defend something when you have no clue what it means? This makes all of you that are ignorant of your rights and the constitution no better than the people you complain about daily.

There is a saying, better to sit there and look like an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Please, before you speak about rights and the constitution as fact, know what you are talking about first. Ignorance does not help our cause.