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No, I Am Not

All I am doing is saying that we should stop American taxpayer money from going to Israel and other countries that feed off of us.

I simply provide sources of truthful information to support my opposition. Even if Israel weren't doing those things, I would still be opposed. America should not have the roll of police, and welfare department of the world.

If you dispute that the info I provide is factual, that is your right, but I encourage others to do their own research and see for themselves if they have doubt. I don't attempt to tell people what to think. I do ask that if they feel the same as I do, that they take action to protect themselves and their country by informing others to voice opposition. This is what makes you kick and scream continuously on here. Any time anyone brings attention to Israel, or AIPAC's continuously bribing of corrupt politicians to steal American taxpayer's money, you try to label them as haters. In all reality, you are the hater--you are also a snake in the grass.