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Comment: "ok you are almost

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"ok you are almost

"ok you are almost there.....private banknote flourish, but the wouldn't be printed by the USG they would have to be printed by "private banks" within the context of a gold standard, that how the value is determined by the free market."

No, the Greenback had no backing. The other currencies that are in competetion would be backed. This would leave the TREASURY printed money to fall victim to the Free Market and perish.... BY DESIGN. No private banks and no backing.

The sole purpose of introducing Social Credit after a monetary collapse, is to put money into THE CITIZENS HANDS, by the treasury printing the money and giving it directly to the citizens (the opposite of a private bank). This would help keep our Labor force intact, and would not kill all of those in my State that are dependent on the government.

You said I cannot take the communism out of communism. Where am I advocating that? I am talking about a Free Market, not sure why people cannot look at the actual question and not get hung up on things that are irrelevant. Letting the market set the value is anything but communism.

The difference in your plan and my plan, is my plan will start the economy quicker, by allowing everyone to have money. Your plan, still requires a major recovery, where most people have no money, nor will the ever earn money. This stiffles the economy and kills most of those people. So, by giving them a currency, even if it only lasts a year or two, they have the opportunity and a warning, which the dollar collapse.

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)