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I hope you find and attend at least one GOP county central committee meeting. If you were in my county, you would see that you have a built in team with resources and "grandfathered" power (they've been doing it for so long, government on all levels, organizations.. it's expected that we will show up.. and you have expert (not me), people that bring something, and many there have been around long enough, they have a network for other counties, the state and big doners, who give not just money, but "in-kind" donations, you get a place in parades, at local fairs, at organized groups, like League of Women's Voters, radio and TV time, opportunity to debates.. when you see what is there, you may understand, building a wheel from scratch takes a lot of time and resources, where taking the wheel that exists, can get you where you want to go faster.

This was the case for me.. as much as I had worked politically, I had not really understood the power of the GOP, which, despite the bad brand the GOP earned under MSM and Bush.. Ron Paul has rebranded the GOP, many wonderful people who were former third party and indys have taken seats and offices, and while we are not clones, many of us are still very independent thinkers and doers, I will admit, this is the best political experience of my life.. it is very exciting and rewarding to be part of a rEVOLution, and I am grateful to Ron Paul for his lead.

After all, you may want to see who you're GOP competition is, eh? Meetings should be open to the public.