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I had seen that

Today Obama gave $53 million to create a national ID for Kenya.

I see many of the benefits Obama giving is not for the USA, but for the UN.. this is what the UN wants.. These are the aid programs I reject.

There is one country always under attack by the UN because that country does not want a UN NWO (sure some people within do, and they happen to be duel citizens because they are globalists).

I'm standing with Israel because Israel is standing for what I believe in: National sovreignity, freedom from global government, rights for it's people. I'm not saying we should be entangled, Israel prooves repeatedly it does NOT want USA entanglement.. it's actually a BIG DEAL there because the Israelis do not want USA money.. the USA is falling behind in advancing.. seems we create drug addicts and prison jobs.

While the idea that the world would be great if there were no police, that is not a good idea because "Might" does not always make right. Do you want to live like Syria or Egypt? Do you want a UN global police rather than a USA police? You are not going to get NO POLICE.

I see those who oppose Israel and being duped by the globalists, with organizations like "What Americans Don't Know".

What Americans don't know, is they are losing what their grand parents held for them because they are dumbed down and insist on blaming others rather than taking responsibility and actually working (not protesting .. there is no money in protesting) to build a better America. Just look at all the people on DP who refuse, in the nake of principle, to get in a good fight. Instead they talk as if they want a Syria or Egypt for America where we all take up arms against each other and eat stale rice for years/decades.

I hope you wake up soon, because you are being duped to your own demise, and blaming Israel is the wrong course of action.. we should be emulating Israel and fighting the UN NWO, not falling for it.

As for the saudi.. if I want to ruin my day, I get in my car (my car is an 86, in mint condition, and has 126K miles, most was driving north to south in CA (1K round trips, for a number of years). If you do the math, you will see, I don't drive much. My car has no computers, and I can repair it at a very low cost.. keeping it in mint condition pays off, not only do I have no car payments, the DMV is $30 bucks a year and my insurance is $240.00 a year.

Take that Suadi oil!