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On the Money again

Many people, out of ignorance, discredit this person who is one of the Troops brought home.

To discredit this person, to me, is as if the person discrediting this person would prefer that this Troop came home in a body bag, or with a life threatening injury to mind or body.

Obviously, measurably, accurately measurably, and demonstrably this Troop came Home to actually fight for Liberty instead of fighting for the criminals who took over the false federal government.

On the subject of how money works in reality there are words written in that Wild Cat Banking time period before The Civil War, and these words reinforce what Adam Kokesh is reporting now.

Here is the link:

Here is a quote:
Bills of exchange, bank checks, and negotiable paper of all sorts add just so much to the body of the currency; and this issue is unlimited by law, and unlimited in fact, except by the exigencies of trade. They are just as really currency as the specie dollar, the greenback, or the bank bill. A field which has no fence up one of its sides is not fenced in, no matter how high and strong its fences may be on the other sides. So, the volume of currency is not, in any true sense, limited by prohibitions of free banking, by a return to specie basis, or by any other means, so long as negotiable paper can be freely issued by individuals; and this free issue of negotiable paper is too useful, and too well entrenched in necessity, ever hereafter to be interfered with. Commerce can be hindered and trammeled to some extent—by statute arrangements claiming to regulate the currency, whether by restrictive measures, or by flooding the community with over-issues; but the volume of the currency can no longer be adjusted by such means.

You may not get it. Too bad for you. That is the power of ignorance working, too bad.

I am nearly certain that Adam Kokesh is up to speed. Those days called The Wildcat Banking Days were days following Andrew Jackson's successful destruction of the One Monopoly Bank, or Central Bank, here in America, and then the Civil War was unleashed, as in The Dogs of War, for some reason.

Things are similar now.

Now there are, in point of fact, threats threatening the POWER of the Central Bank, a bank that can be traced all the way to The Federal Reserve, following The Federal Reserve Notes to the source, and followed even further back to The World Bank, and the International Monetary FUND, if anyone cares to look.

When the Central Bankers are threatened they tend to use the POWER they steal to buy big, and bigger, wars.

World War III will be even less civil than the Civil War, if you can use your imagination, or if you want, just watch one of those Hollywood movies that are designed to clue in the targets as to what is on the schedule if the Legal Criminals get what they are paying for with the money they force you to use.

Adam Kokesh is not raising the bar as high as Ron Paul, but both of these individuals are merely individuals, so they can be targeted, marginalized, singled out, and discredited by those who are threatened by such individual examples of Troops at Home.

End the FED
End the IRS
Bring the Troops Home (start in the mirror)
Do so by July 4th, 2014, start now, finish early.