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Is There Legal Recourse, Jane

...I mean if we could somehow request and be granted the poll takers questions on the major polls, ie. to see if "other" is offered and no possibility of answering Ron Paul .

Sure would clear some confusion, translate into great article content to spread and provide information to tell potential voters. They hear 1% and ask why. What you said above is a great answer.

I know the polls are "purchased" by someone; however, since the results clearly impact perception and can make or ruin someone's chances ....perhaps there is legal precedence. After all we aren't questioning who they call or how they are selected, we are only asking for the questions in order to learn if there is any real opportunity to say Ron Paul.

Also, when people are called...if other names are spoken and Ron's is not, that leaves the person being polled with the impression he is not a viable candidate and that is sure not fair.