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thanks for the link to Weir--

I believe in Ron Paul's assertion that 'blow-back' is the problem with American foreign policy--

and Weir does follow that. She also points out how biased the American media is--

I haven't finished it, yet, but she does seem sound--

I've been following the 'discussion' between babybear and The Granger, and I think you are truly diametrically opposed.

I believe there are good Israelis. I believe there are many Jews who do not want to see Muslims hurt--

just as I believe there are good Americans.

Some of the Americans and Israelis who are really good ARE blind, true--

but many of them are not.

Truth will eventually win--

I began to question Israeli policies when I began to read Michael Prior, a Catholic priest who went to Israel and found out a lot of difficult things--

but I still don't believe that Jews or Israelis are bad just by connection, any more than I believe that all Americans (including many of us on DP) are bad because *we* are here.

There is a huge gap between what the people want and what the leaders want--

in all cultures and nations--

I really do believe that many Jews have tried to get the truth out (whether American/European Jews or Israeli Jews)--

and I applaud them--

about 30 minutes out Weir mentions this--

Personally, I am very weary of evil people who lead most, if not all, nations of the world--

and those who support them and fund them--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--