Comment: I Still Stand With RAND

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I Still Stand With RAND

I love Ron Paul because he said what was on his mind even though it would hurt him politically. His son is a little more eloquent with his words. Do you think Ron went around campaigning and building this giant delegate network to just drop out? He did it for his SON for 2016. They setup the network so he would only need to run the one time to get the nomination. Get Rand winning out of Iowa and New Hampshire and we have won the nomination. He is loved in the South and the cards will just fall in line. The cards will not fall in line if pisses off the entire bible belt before he get in front of them. I 100% support Rand and will max out my donations and work for the campaign. This is just me though. I want my choice to be a Giant Douche aka Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul in the general. I would love to vote for Gary Johnson like I did last year but I really don't want to have to "waste" my vote again.