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People are waking up

Why did Ron Paul say, "Israel is our friend?"

What is the zionist dream? That Israel is a SOVREIGN NATION.

What's wrong with that? Isn't that what we want for America?

Modern Israel, founded with the Balfore Treaty was because the area that had been named Philestein by the Romans who previously conquored it, WAS OWNED, OCCUPIED and OPERATED by The Brittish.

It was a territory.. not a state, not a country..

The Jews came to the area when they escaped SLAVERY in Egypt.. they built a temple, and then another.. They have been purged repeatedly from the area throughout history by ENSLAVORS.

When the Nazis were purging Jews from Europe, few from Russia escaped to Palestine where they build communes called Kibutzs (they were 14, 15, 18 years old) As more Jews escaped the nazi regime, England refused them to come to Palestine, and actually lined the shores and shot them dead upon arrival.. The Druze and Bedoin are the only Arabs of Palestine, and they HELPED the JEWS. There was a symbiotic relationship, still is to this day.

The Balfore Treaty was to help Europe PURGE their countries from Jews rather than let the Nazis take them (it was becomming a huge environmental problem, and thus a political problem). That is how Modern Israel was established.

What many FAIL to understand is that Israel has ALL WAYS FOUGHT FOR FREEDOM from the world of enslavers.

So if you want freedom, look to Israel. Take the time to study the history.. If you want a road map to FREEDOM and SOVREIGNITY, look to Israel. If you want a map to UN NWO enslavement look to Palestine (Allah does not make you free and has NO tolerance for any other religion or non believer).