Comment: Does anybody think..

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Does anybody think..

If Rand is somehow elected president, he will have any power whatsoever? He won't be the one calling the shots, he will be in fact working for TPTB, otherwise they will not allow him to win. They will isolate him, tell him what he wants to hear, make decisions for the greater good, and Dr. Paul won't have the power to do a thing, because he sold it away.

Now I absolutely hope that I'm incorrect. I hope Rand gets elected and ends the fed, ends the militarism, brings us back to sound money, secures our liberties and right, return us to the rule of law... But I except it to be much more of the same.

It gets back to the idea that just because we get to vote for our ruler does not mean that we're free. No elected official, not even the president can save us. It's up to each and every one of us as individuals to beat this. Activism, agorism, tolerance, peace and understanding will get us there, not a new king.