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A few thoughts...

What inspired me to action in 2008 and again in 2012 (as is true for many of us I'm sure), is the way Ron Paul brought honesty to politics.

The consistant principled honesty which poured our every time the guy opened his mouth totally changed everything and allowed people to come together.

If Rand is your champion, try to understand that because of the fact stated above, many people are going to feel left out by Rand's "chess game". When one of the primary elements to the formation of a movement is discarded, people within that movement are going to feel deflated and "betrayed" ...

Those feelings are really to be expected, so you have to understand where people are coming from. What is most unfortunate here is the way lines have been drawn and the loss of individuality to the collectivized: With or Against Rand - movement.

I'm not exactly in love with Rand's "strategy", but I'm also not in love with the way the case has been made against him. Think about the non-aggression principle, and lets try to appeal to one another with reason and not with hostile angry lines we draw in the sand.

You simply don't win anyone over and you don't learn from them in the process. Why make enemies when you can potentially make allies? Why not appeal to one another's humanity and try to understand if not agree why we think and act the way we do?

I will probably never help out in a Rand Paul campaign they way I did for Ron's two runs (money, time, blood, sweat & tears), but I'm not going to denounce him and his "followers" as traitors and redcoats either.

I think its reasonable to say: I only want to support an honest and consistent candidate who fully supports the non-agression principle.

Perhaps you can see where I'm coming from?