Comment: Taken Part?

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Taken Part?

Israel is so far advanced in technology, America and other nations have become dependent, and buying her technology. The nations who are not interested in this technology have Sharia laws that enslave their people, so their governments do not worry so much about needing to spy on people as they citizens do a great job spying, and controlling their citizens. Atheists, homosexuals have NO right to exist in these countries.. you show up to temple or your neighbors will show up and see what is wrong.

Who I would not like to see get this technology is the UN.

Haartz BTW is a liberal UN spokshole out of Israel that speaks for those within that want a global government.

Snooping is never going to not exist. So the question becomes who do you want to snoop on you? Of course no one wants any of it.. but that is NOT going to happen, I don't care how many protests you have.

Do you want a sovreign nation or not?

To me Snowjob, who has been running to the socialists for help, is not by those who want a SOVREIGN NATION, but by those who do not.