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some minimal forms of protection of some industries will continue, the extent of which has to be determined somehow. we aren't going to have f15's manufactured on the basis of slight comparative advantage.

There is no contradiction between the principle of free trade and the USG buying all its military materials domestically (as, IMO, it should indeed do) - as there is no contradiction between free trade and you, I, or anyone else choosing (for whatever reason) to buy more expensive domestic goods over cheaper foreign goods. Free trade doesn't mean you *have* to buy foreign goods, it means you are free to do so if you like.

you need to either abolish nations and governments or accede to the globalist goal of one world government if you wish to see the nation-state dissappear.

Who said anything about abolishing the nation-state, or creating world government? :-?

aside from currency manipulation (strong dollar policy, weak dollar policy, dollar pegging in developing world, etc.), and some reciprocal low tariffs, and a few political boycotts, a few subsidies for agriculture, and a tax code full of unequal treatments, in what other ways is your ideal of free trade different from the modern globalist form of free trade?

It is precisely the existence of all those subsidies, tarrifs, currency manipulations, regulations et al which make the current system anything but free trade. :-?

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