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you know I don't agree with you about Israel, Granger--

but as for the people; the people themselves are not the government--

I don't believe Israel, the state, is legitimate, but then I am not sure any country is legitimate--

I heard Ron Paul say that Israel was 'our friend', but I do believe he was being diplomatic; I think he knows that it's wrong for so much aid to be sent to other countries, and he definitely includes Israel in that--

I heard him say that only once; many, many times I heard him talk about blowback--

it is obvious that the CIA and the heads of the American government are Israel-friendly and not Arab-friendly; the MSM is Israel friendly--

so I am very distrustful.

But when a group of regular citizens of any nation expresses a desire not to have war and to have peace and says that they hold no animosity towards the citizens (regular people) of another nation whose government is hated by the others' government, I listen. I believe them. Maybe I am naive, but I want to believe these 'little', regular Israelis are sincere.

I know honest, sincere Jews who are not happy with the Israeli government. Just as I do know Christians who are not warmongers and Americans who distrust the government of America.

There is a huge divide between the governments of nations and the people of those nations--

and many of us feel helpless to do anything.

*I*, for example, am severely chronically ill and not very mobile; financially things are extremely difficult for us, but I have found ways to build bridges and be an activist.

It would be impossible for me to run for an office, for reasons I can't go into here--

I support good where I see it, wherever I see it.

And I call bad where I see it--

the governments of most nations (if not all) are rotten to the core, but the governments of America and Israel are almost compost--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--