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I believe I do that--

there are things too personal for me to say on here that I have done to make a difference in the world--

things that many people would simply stare at me and say, "I could never do that"--

but the fact is that I am no longer 'mobile' or capable of going anywhere--

but I spread the message of truth and liberty whenever/wherever I can--

I am very distrustful of Israel, but I don't believe all *her* people are bad, at all--

blind, possibly, but many are waking up, and many have really good hearts--

sometimes *we* can't help where *we* are born!


But something like these films that show good-hearted people reaching out to the good-hearted people whose government is considered an enemy to the other--

that's a good place to start--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--