Comment: Snowden for President

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Snowden for President

Edward Snowden speaks the truth, while those in Government only tell more and more lies...Each administration is only building on the previous one, and there is no one in Government to speak up for the people.
Actually, Our elected politicians should be the ones speaking like this, but no...they just keep on perpetuating the "lies" that we are in danger from terrorists, under attack, in jeopardy, and got to act to defend "freedoms".
When compared to the past two presidents we've had, Mr. Snowden is like a breath of fresh air...his demeanor, manners, and sincerity make those in government look like buffoons.
Why are there not more people like him?
Mr. Snowden has a level of integrity that is unmatched, and we desperately need him as President. Sadly, he's too young.