Comment: It am really amazed by some

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It am really amazed by some

It am really amazed by some of the comments, it's like the entire context was lost and you are looking for ways to support your own agenda in your favor, grow up please.

Let me address some things.

# 1 : Who ever said your opinion doesn't count here because you don't donate to the site? Where did that ever come up by anyone other than yourself?

# 2 : Yes you $5 a month members, I am sure Michael appreciates your support but that does not give you any rights to dictate how he runs his website, let the free market work, if you don't like what he has been doing you are free to leave and stop donating. Just because you donate to the site doesn't give you any additional say in how it's run. Michael believes in the free market, let the free market work.

# 3 : It seems many talk about how they love freedom, but when? Only if it is the freedom you want and support? What happened to people being free to make their own choices so long as they don't harm you or your property. You do not have the right to NOT be offended, you also don't have the right to tell someone else how to use their freedom.

Last, I think everyone on occasion needs to look in the mirror before they lash out at others. Sometimes before you can change things, you need to change yourself first.