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so,the answer is

let them gov's have it to invest,when all this time they have shown
they cannot do right with it?
if they felt the need to lie,cheat and steal,and steal more,we should just trust them with what they have?
they don't a very good proven track record,seeing within a hidden report
is another hidden report,and all stolen from people who were blind to what they are doing.
schools even do this,and we should just trust them?
what should be done,is this,the stolen taxes should be given back to the ones from who it was stolen from,not be used by the gov who stole it in the first place.let the people decide how their funds gets used.
I pay for 3 schools here,i have none in school,but i get to pay for them schools.And all the while i pay them they want more and more
give it back from whence it came,it belongs to the people,oh, thats right
the people are the gov,and them people gave their gov the right to steal their wealth,and then hide it, in a hidden report

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence