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Comment: Well, let's first respond to this baseless accusation

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Well, let's first respond to this baseless accusation

Fishyculture is "Amommamust" on YouTube, as she has stated here in the past. And you know full well who I am, because you have my financial details. Plus you have IP addresses showing we're in different states, and logs showing posting/commenting at different times. Yes, there are objections to each of these ("you could be renting a computer in the other state" etc), but I just don't have the financial incentive to go that far. I love this site, and want to see it continue. Don't make accusations if you don't have the data, it's poor form. (Especially when you have the contrary data.)

From reading her posting and commenting history there is very little chance that she is a disinfo agent. I hope that the same can be concluded of myself.

I'm sorry you feel that I am committing some form of "hostage" by stating that you did not post updates to the rules when you then had moderators take action on them (the updated non-posted rules that is). You're running a business, and from this specific instance I perceive that you're not being consistent. And this has caused my friend, who I bought a camera so she could continue to post videos as "Amommamust", to depart and not return for, now, over a month:

I hope that something will happen in the future to change my mind and resume donating. Until then, I am sad that I have lost a friend due to your inconsistent actions.

Consistency. That's the key here.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. - Fully Informed Jury Association - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)