Comment: Naah. No good supply of fruits and vegetables.

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Naah. No good supply of fruits and vegetables.

Wow, the prices of juicers have dropped. At those prices it could be a good tool to have.

It took the two of us 3 days to go through 20# of strawberries. Plain or with heavy cream and raw chocolate powder.

we've been drinking this product that has 150 freeze-dried super-juices and 88/90 essential nutrients.

Who has time in the busy day to hunt and juice and insure that they are getting scientifically established dose of nutrients. [Ad]

Peaches coming soon. Just pit and eat. I paid enough to buy a juicer for this dental work. Wash, Eat. Clean teeth before bed.

Sixty minerals proven necessary for healthy human life. That soils are mineral deficient was published in The US Senate record.

I take about 600mg mixture of 60 elements from plant sources. If I did juice. it Is a cheap way to compensate for depleted soils. The juices provide a great source for the 30/90 nutrients.

Free includes debt-free!