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I've got oil

I've got oil for this fire ;-) So you think one prison guard is better than the other? O'k I'll give you that, however you miss the big picture: YOU ARE STILL IN PRISON! Doesn't matter who's in charge of the government, your lives will still be RUN by it. You people ask, well do you have a better candidate? Well yes I do, it's NONE of the Above, only NONE of the Above wants to shrink the government, only NONE of the Above wants to end the FED, only NONE of the Above wants to end the taxation, only NONE of the Above cares about you and your kids future, I'm voting for that Guy! Only NONE of the Above gives a shit about anyone except it's own future. People, evolve, the government or whoever is in charge of it, is not the solution, the government IS the problem. You know why Soviet Union collapsed? Because people stopped giving fuck about it, they've starved the beast by not caring and not participating, they've abandoned the Religion called state.