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Very definitely would say this is a Constitutional violation and that even with a judges warrant, I would refuse. I do NOT want NON medically people checking my private parts..IE..They need a medical certificate or license and even then, without my permission ,I should be able to refuse it if I feel it could cause me harm or an infection. Even if I get some kind of fine ...I don't care what sex they are who do the checking or how many witnesses. How do I know they can even don a medical glove properly and I know it wasn't a sterile one those are too expensive....and clean glove is NOT enough for an INVASIVE PROCEDURE that requires consent or judge warrant to do. Chalk one up for the druggies..another reason why marijuana should be decriminalized.This may not be racist oppression or a knife wound in a old sore spot , it is woman oppression of the same type of knife wound as racist oppression in a new spot..I am glad they are suing, they should get millions and it still won't clear us of this outrage. They are making us fight for every constitutional right in lthe courts.. Also only the woman was fired. They are trying to push for a Clinton presidency...the non woman.