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Jill Booth

While there were many peoples, Slavs, mentally ill, anti-government peoples who were not only persecuted, but murdered by the Nazis, who were not Jewish, is it documented FACT that Jews were persecuted and murdered by far.

The Brittish OWNED, OCCUPIED and OPERATED Palestine and why the Balfore Treaty was the Brittish giving thier OCCUPATION to the Jews, because the purging of the Jews in Europe to Hitler to murder them was causing HUGE political problems for all the nations that participated.. Palestine was a place to dump Jews rather than murder them outright.. thought the Brittish did take the opportinity to stop the ships of Jews from ever landing, and even slaughtered those who came to shore.. There were Jews in Palestine since before Biblical time began.. The Jews who came to Palestine had as much right as any legal immigrant that came to America. Palestine was a territory, not a state, not a kingdom.. it was nomad's land.

The shocking treatment of these people? Who? The Jews who escaped the Nazis from Europe? The Refusnics? What's wrong with Israel being a SOVREIGN NATION? What do you want, to murder them and scatter them about the world? Why shouldn't they have a homeland and what better place than Palestine? Are they any different than our own American ancestors who left Europe wanting freedom, and what we did to far more native Americans, than Israel has defnding the Balfore Treaty from Arabs (not just Palestinians)? Israel is a very small place by comparison to the USA. Why is it OK for us but not for them?

Palestine LOST the 6 day war. Israel did not have to give back Gaza, nor did they have to give back the West Bank. Israel EXISTS. Why do we insist on siding with the UN and saying Palestine was more than what it was AN OCCUPIED TERRIOTRY OF THE BRITTISH?

All that misery and death is due to what? How many Jewish suicide bombers? But they should not defend what they built after they won war after war after war that they did not start?

I think the lack of KNOWING the history is where we as Americans are losing our way.. for we are forgetting what it means to fight for freedom, rather we are falling for a UN NWO, which is what props Palestine.

"That shinning city on the hill".. let me tell you, The stories in the Bible are ALL ABOUT FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT.. In Islamic Nations you have your choice of a court, government or shaira law.. one reason the guatameno prisoners are held indefinately is the USA does not have Sharia law.. (and if you are an adulterous women or a homosexual, you should be very glad about that).. Atheism has been a dumbing down of history and politics, trying to replace new born philisophies that sound so intelligent.. Objectivism for example.. but what they do not teach is how and why people excaped tyranny throughout the ages.. that shinning city on the hill represents Sharia Law. The Jews can appreciate it for it's history and architcture and it does preserve the rock of ages.. it also reminds ALL, that Islam is part of the greatest story ever told; however, as a westerner,, I do not hope they win.. not that I am an adulterous woman or a homosexual.. I am not.. but I don't believe stoning people to death for sexual preferance is better than defending what a country has built that advances humanity.