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god found a virgin for his son?
he found a spoken for,betrothed,engaged woman
to what?
to forgive me of sins that aren't mine?
how can man forgive man?,if indeed jesus was born of wo(man)
then he is still man,so how can man forgive man?
must have been real hard for all knowing,all seeing,all watchful eye to find a virgin?
but would it boil down to,god found a woman and miraculously raped her?
had sex with her?
had his way,with one of his creations?
if the bible is true,then he did break his own commandments,after all,they were written down,and placed in an ark
but hey,he didn't commit murder either,did he?
if the israelites are not our ancestors,then that law does not apply
to us,it applies to them,they are the ones who are related to adam and eve
not me !
i broke no such laws,and do not believe i live in sin,but the creator has

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence