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That was not a definition.

Those are characteristics of government. A government cannot exist without first stealing. If that government is a government it has the authority to initiate force, something you and I, in a moral world, do not have the right to do. If the government did not steal it could not exist, so yes, there would be anarchy. But anarchy does not force you to withdraw your mandatory contributions from your beloved ruler, it merely frees me, if I so desire, from participation. If government did not have the authority to initiate force (murder, imprison, and steal), it would not be defined as government. If it was not mandatory, it would not be defined as government.

Government has many definitions. Here is a good description.

A legal, fictitious entity, that has jurisdiction, in a geographic area, to create, change, enforce, and apply law. It can legally steal, murder, and imprison. It is the sole decider on the ever-increasing rate at which it charges its subjects for the inefficient monopolistic services it provides.

I know it is hard to get the mind around. But really, we can do better. If we abolished it, unicorns would not start crapping Skittels, but, we would be ridding society of the leading cause of death to innocent civilians.

Here is an excellent read or listen: