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Comment: I have no idea who you are

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I have no idea who you are

I suppose I could piece it together through paypal records, email addresses, etc., but its hardly like I keep tabs on everyone: Who donates, how much, etc. In fact I don't do that on purpose so that money won't be an influencing factor in maintaining fairness.

I do recall that someone gave fishy a camera, so that does ring a bell, but I'm not omniscient or anything. I don't pay attention to every relationship, and every conversation on here. I expect people to be, and act like adults. That includes having respect for others, as well as the integrity of the site.

As for consistency, here are the DP's posting guidelines. She violated rules 1, 5 and 7. Repeatedly. Most people here, including myself, have violated probably every rule there. That is why I give everyone here lot of leeway. Lots. I think others here will vouch for me in that regard.

People have bad days. People end up here drunk posting. Sometimes people just don't know what they're doing or saying. Sometime people just make bad judgement. I understand all of that. I've been there myself. My patience and compassion for people runs long and deep, but IT IS NOT INEXHAUSTIBLE. I'm not going to keep fighting someone forever. She pushed and pushed and pushed and finally used up her last drops of my patience and compassion for her. What do you expect me to do, open up a vein and bleed myself out for her? Sorry, it ain't me, babe.

You may think I'm not being consistent, because you don't know the whole story. This squandering of my patience and compassion goes back years - years before you were even here.

So it is pretty arrogant of you to call me inconsistent on something you don't have all the facts on. There is a reason her own kids don't talk to her anymore. Think about it.

Until then, I am sad that I have lost a friend due to your inconsistent actions.

I'm not sure what to make about this statement. If she's such a good friend, why don't you just call her up on the phone?