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Comment: You can't leave.

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You can't leave.

Every square inch of the earth is under the jurisdiction of some tyranny. Why do think that a collective figment of your imagination, government, should have the right to appoint people to do immoral things that real humans do not have the right to do?

If you studied history of government, which I am sure you have, you will find out that government is a huge hoax. It has never been nor is it now, a social contract, a amiable and necessary entity that aids human interaction, or a creepy but necessary institution. It has always been a tool for the ruling class to maintain power. It cannot exist without the consent of the people by force, persuasion (propaganda), or acquiescence. 98 percent of all humans lived in small anarchical groups. It was not until civilization that a few demented psychopaths were able to convince the masses that it was necessary to have an immoral (stealing, murdering, imprisoning...I forgot lying) fictitious entity to rule over mankind.

I do not use courts or some arbitrary authority to buy or sell anything. I never have. I have had contracts that included arbitrators that I used once. It is pretty good for my age. If you get government involved, do you get reimbursed? Nope. You get dragged up on stand to have your character besmirched, the perp pays the State thousands in fines, and you end up paying for the dudes meals, housing, basketball court, and tv room for the next 15 years.

I think you may have Stockholm Syndrome.

Murray tells it like it is.