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Comment: My BIGGEST CONCERN about him

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My BIGGEST CONCERN about him his safety in going to Venezuela or whichever country he selects. That part is extremely worrisome. I don't trust our government one iota. They are bullies, and if I had a title for us, unfortunately, I'd say we are the SUPER TYRANT of the World.

I wouldn't put anything past them. That's why if he gets a private plane, then, I hope he will get a couple movie stars and perhaps the Director Oliver Stone, and then, Napolitano who has no children could fly with him, perhaps Jim Rogers could help foot the bill, and then, there is Jesse Ventura who has no shortage of courage, and wouldn't it be great if Dr. Paul would go.

With that kind of entourage, I do believe there is no way they would dare to attack that plane---no way---and it would send a significant message to the world, too. If only...