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If government is a tool used to hinder the rich and powerful from eating up the poor and weak, than why are there a total of zero billionaires or multi-millionaires who are anarchists? Anyone?

Answer: Because nobody would ever be able to accumulate such gigantic piles of money without government. Can't happen. Ask any body with more than 10 million bucks if they could have gotten there without taking advantage of the laws (created for their benefit), or illegally via government bribes, or by taking advantage of mis-allocations in the markets created by government.

Again, here's Murray:
The last podcast is the first in the series. Murray goes through US history with emphasis on economics and religion (Something you never got in school. History cannot be told without these two elements.). The class is meant to illustrate how big business was unable to form monopolies until they completely controlled the government. From Teddy Roosevelt on, two large factions controlled the presidency and government. All industry was cartelized after Teddy. The series is not to be missed. By far the best US History class ever taught!!