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Comment: You won't answer the questions.

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You won't answer the questions.

So government is voluntary? What happens if you do not pay the taxes that it uses to murder Arabs?

Where can I go? How can I opt out? If you do not think I should be able to, does that make you a tyrant?

Do you believe it is a good idea to create a fictitious entity that has a monopoly on immorality? Like stealing, killing, imprisoning, and lying? Like creating, enforcing, and interpreting all laws?

Could you possible admit that there could be a better way? Does open-source software open some doors?

Do you think our economy is in the condition it is in because of lack of government?

The rust belt is rusting because of government. Mandatory unions, unions lobbying government, steel cartels lobbying government which enabled them to grow excessively large, Detroit was built up by government to be the shining city on the hill at the expense of everyone else in the sixties, and on and on. The steel industry initially grew inorganically because the government was used to build all the railroads. The rust belt is a bad example. But, in life, everything ebbs and flows. Nothing lasts forever.