Comment: Socialism like Anarchism are often confusing terms

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Socialism like Anarchism are often confusing terms

We are social beings. That form of socialism is mostly invisible thanks to persistent propaganda that rejects individual beings and embraces a collective strawman that makes laws that favor followers and punishes dissidents.

Helen Keller called herself a socialist, perhaps because one person's endeavors to be social rescued her from a world of deafness and blindness.

Jack London called himself a socialist. The short stories in Call of the Wild explored the nature of our sociability.

Likewise, John Steinbeck wrote about social issues.

Did any of them make the mistake the more government is the answer?

Social credit as a competing currency is and interesting concept. I need to understand it better.

My father in law had talked about a similar concept. Can't ask him, since he died in 1976. But I'll ask around the family.

Free includes debt-free!