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one of my favorite and most

one of my favorite and most often recommended works is rothbards 'wall street, banks and american foreign policy.'

i've listened to all of rothbard's lectures and online audiobooks, from his study on pre classical economics, to america's great depression, his shorter works like the case against the fed, the history of banking in the united states. i'm a big fan of rothbard. i just don't accept his works on ethics and do not necessarily subscribe to every part of his economic theory.

his is an intellectual giant but not the only intellectual giant. when you realize that giants like hayek, mises and rothbard had major disagreements -- and remember here that we are dealing only with avowed free market liberals or libertarians -- just think about how much room for disagreement there is amongst the other intellectual giants outside of the american libertarian tradition.

hoppe takes things even further than rothbard in one direction, whereas george selgin and lawrence white take an entirely different direction.

in another direction, there is the George Mason Univ Austrians.... the line blurs into those who have dropped the Austrian label.

In another direction there are Austrians like GLS Shackle, and independent market thinkers that span the spectrum from Austrian to post-Keynesian with every shade and gradation on the way. (Steve Keen, Eric Janszen, etc.)

Those who claim that one thinker is the be all end all that everyone must bow down to, probably have not read them much himself, and if they have, they don't have the judgement, perspective, maturity or independence of mind to be of much use.

We don't need cults of personality around Gurus that excommunicate dissenters (the way Ayn Rand's cult excommunicated Rothbard for his heresy).