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While I agree

history is written by the victors, yet, victory is short lived.

I have been studying Israel for several months, so I see myself as a student, not an expert, and I share what I learn, not to educate, but to learn.

I am familar with IHR, from when I was a Counter Punch subscriber.. Mark Weber is known as a Neo Nazi and Holocast Denier

I fail to see what difference it makes if the Jews of Europe had Semetic blood, but then I have never liked the term anti-semetic, because it's a lie, as I personally know Jews who are Chinese and Black, mixed blood, and Spanish/latin, there are many cultures within Judaeism. Religions spread. Not all Muslims are Arab and as you say, not all Roman Catholics are Italian. Beliefs are not limited to race. All faiths have their inside problems/disagreements.

As for trusting wiki.. it's a general source that at least allows some editing and challenge.

I for one believe the world is an illusion, it's ALL lies. So it's a matter of finding a ground on which we can at least have some arena that allows us to debate.. if not wiki, by all means, provide your source.

I read a joke today.. An American, Israeli and Palestinian get into a bike accident. The American blames the Chinese for making bad bikes. The Israeli demands there is an investigation to see who caused the accident. The Palestinian asks for another UN resolution.

When I see Israel and Palestine, I see a wall. There is a wall that keeps the Jews in, where they have made freedom for themselves. There is the same wall that keeps Palestinians out, where their government refuses them freedom.