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you sound pretty much exactly

you sound pretty much exactly like the new and innovative socialists who decided, on paper, that history and experience of human nature aren't relevant, and that destroying the existing arrangement of society (property relations, in the case of the marxists) and replacing them with a new arrangement designed by theorists on paper was a wise move. in your case, destroying the legal arrangements of society that have evolved over centuries. you don't even have the modesty or good sense to suggest trying them out on a limited level in a voluntary way (like the socialists have done over the centuries in communes).

perhaps an anarchocap community of participants self selected to see how it plays out. not exactly a perfect mirror for society at large, since the self selected participants would be more prone toward peaceful cooperation. the real test would be participants chosen at random via a lottery. that would be both innovative, interesting and sensible, if you set up an experimental community and provided incentives for participation. see if you can make it work. compete with societies organized in other ways. show us the results. hell, make a reality tv show of anarchism...

but no, you guys probably aren't interested in practical steps toward your goals. probably on some level you know they are absurd and serve merely as a form of intellectual masturbation and vanity.