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But I completely agree

The few Jews who remained in Palestine, and lived in caves long past the many reigns of terror (occupying empires), that came and passed, the Druze and Bedouin worked together.. matter of fact, from what I've read, if it wasn't for the Druze shouting, "The Brittish are coming!", the Brittish would have wiped out the Jews who came to Palestine before the Balfore Treaty (the real land theft which league of nations and UN protect)

I am looking forward to going to Israel.. I don't know how much of Palestine I will be able to visit, if any.. I have talked to few Palestinians in my past with marches with ANSWER, and know many Jews who lived in Israel, those who liked it and those who didn't..

I am not an expert.. I only began studying Israel when I thought I would find out what Ron Paul meant by saying, "Israel is our friend". How did he figure that? Well.. now I am learning, and yes, I may be slow.. but I'm persistant, and I very much look forward to going, and staying for awhile. I want to take a tour with a Franciscan Preist, a Secular Jew, an Arab, and I want to do a food tour.. I want to build a home for a Palestinian, Work as a volunteer for the IDF, work on an archilogical dig, spend some time working at a Kibutz, tour the Rockefeller Museum, go to the zoo, go to the Dead Sea.. go snorkling in the Red Sea.. walk the trail of Jesus.. pick olives.. and give a Palestinian the opportunity to go to college in America. When I have done that.. I will form opinions of experience, not merely sharing what I have bee studying. It is my studies that have helped me make my intenitary. If you have suggestions, I am open.

Thank you.