Comment: Does anyone else suspect that

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Does anyone else suspect that

Does anyone else suspect that the reason Rand gets such a great amount of air time on Fox is because they're lining him up to be veep to Jeb, the elitist that they REALLY want to head the GOP 2016 ticket?

I think they think can end the growing populist libertarian threat by giving Rand the meaningless 2nd slot, thinking Rand will then bring along enough libertarian votes to, if not put Jeb over the top, at least to cement enough of those awakened by Ron Paul into the GOP mainstream to allow the elites to hold off the growing populist revolt.

From here, in mid 2013, 2016 looks like it's gonna be: Jeb/Rand vs Hillary/populist progressive like Elizabeth Warren (since the Dems have some populist problems of their own)

In which case I'll just end my misery and shoot myself.

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