Comment: Before You Accuse Me

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Before You Accuse Me

I can't get enough of this stuff. Even though I knew about the data center. Even though I knew about all this since, what, 2006? At least? Been on the suspicion since what, 1995? Well before 9/11 we're just now proving what we've suspected all along.

I know people around here are all, "where's the outrage?" And I'm 100% right there too. Haven't heard but a peep from my largely Democratic town. Republican's are mum too. I'm in every camp, and the only ones who are saying a thing is my most faithful Paul Revere's. 'Bout ready to do a thing myself, 'cause it's time. To repeat an overused phrase, "If not now, when?"

But what if it's a hoax? But what if it's a ruse to get us to expose ourselves? What if all this is a test to determine how you're really programmed? What if. What if? I'm all ready exposed. I'm all in, check my public voting and donation records. I knew what I was getting into. I outed myself years ago when I entered into the realm of the public interest...and therefore the public knowledge.

What really has me thinking though...what really resonated about this whole thing? In almost every category, I don't recognize a single ideal within myself by what my government is practicing anymore. I'm literally lost in the sea of magnitude while my fellow Americans go largely uninformed and my neighbors say nothing. Whether true or a fakery, this is a test. If we accept it, we acknowledge and accept the mind's slavery that comes without privacy and forever thereafter we are altered. If we deny it, we choose to be held reprehensible and become likened to a dangerous coastline somewhere. Known, dangerous and yet, completely avoidable. But also probably fit for removal, in the interest of public safety, at some point.

I'm feeling what the media wants me to feel, the insecurity of being disconnected - at this level - from my fellow Americans. They haven't disconnected me. They've disconnected everyone else.

If the charade that is main stream media has anything to say about it, it's clearly and purposefully not to discuss any said revelations, but rather to discuss the drama surrounding it. I just spoke to a guy tonight who discovered what the FISA courts were, essentially a bypass express train to whatever is wanted, not needed. But even though these people are just beginning to see, they don't see how these things could entirely affect our means and access to information. They don't see how the Orwellian state puts a boot to our face. Forever.

These are my burdens.

They say, "If you don't love it, leave it." I'm at that point. I love the people, but I don't love "it." When "it" contains my lifestyle, my family, my friends, my place, my upbringing...and yet contains these global atrocities that are done in my name...I'm being pushed to a place I wasn't prepared to go. At this point, I would gladly accept a "leftist" government, whose armies respond to the world's atrocities and emergent situations, if only guided by a mostly moral compass and only minor corruption.

I've prepared. But I'm not prepared to be but a lone sheep's voice in a den of wolves.

What are we going to do? I'm not alone in restlessness. July 4th parades are not enough. We need a plan and we need to execute it. I'm losing faith in the movement I've helped create. If we're not prepared to do something about all this as individuals, and we just want to suck at the tit of our leader's information...fine. But I'm living here to do and I expect that every other one of you to be there with me.

This is our time. We're all out, by name and honor. Let's get something figured out and let the lid off this movement we've created. I'll help however I can. I'm committed to the cause of liberty through and through.