Comment: "I'm only pointing out his

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"I'm only pointing out his

"I'm only pointing out his timeline is mistaken." -fireant

Either you believe he heard an explosion before the towers fell, or you don't believe it. Sure maybe he was mixed up with what might have caused what damage, but then that would make it even more absurd for you to speculate matching what he heard with what you saw. In other words, your particular reconstruction of events is a tangent dealing with mismatch and not directly with timeline. He heard an explosion "in the building" at a certain time. At that time he didn't claim to think it was the lobby. He later thought that it had been what damaged the lobby. Maybe he was mistaken with that later assumption, but maybe it actually did cause damage to an area of which he was unaware [basement?]. You could make a better case claiming that the explosion he heard was actually a plane hitting a nearby building, but instead you are [sort of] going with the notion that he did hear an explosion in the building and claiming that his timeline was off. I don't know about you, but I know about my own experience with sounds of explosion. I've been wrong in speculating what caused them and pinpointing exactly where they occurred, but I've never been wrong in recollecting where they fit into sequence of events.