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You're still confused.

All that's being suggested is to apply *already proven* principles to a broader area of resource management.

The experiment you daydream about has already been performed to the extent that resources are now, or have been in the past, managed by market forces.

The late 19th/early 20th century US turned over practical matters on many levels to the workings of "anarchy" and, as you probably know, the modern world was created.

Taking into account the many spectacular successes of the free enterprise system, it's asinine for you to pretend to know with any certainty that market forces couldn't satisfy a need for long-term, large-scale security and stability.

Especially when you know that large-scale, man-made disasters, such as wars, depressions, chronic poverty, organized crime, etc., are always, or nearly always, traceable to government corruption and/or miscalculation.

Your concern that so-called anarchists are failing to conduct proper experiments is also asinine. I've never heard anybody call for destruction of the existing order by morning. People are advocating for the acceptance of two key principles. The first being that traditional government always leads to disaster because it invites large-scale miscalculation and corruption. The second being that mankind has recently discovered a system that by all indicators can do everything old fashioned governments claim to do, but a thousand times more efficiently.