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I don't think it's possible

to draw a reasonable conclusion from the news piece. I have no idea what happened. The cop's story sounds ridiculous. I don't know how they can justify such a shooting. A hail of bullets at a guy with a hose seems like all the information necessary, like with Amadou Diallo.

But, what's the quality of the information we're seeing? It's very thin. It's all hearsay. No one speaking was there. It's extremely emotional. It's extremely political (the cops story is a cover-your-a** story). The sister is as distraught as anyone can be. It's narrated in pyscho-newspeople-speak. Is there anything here that is reliable as evidence? Shaky video of a splintered railing. 10 seconds of a press conference. A picture of a nozzle. All in three minutes. It's like witnessing the aftermath of an explosion through broken pieces of mirror.

I just watched the documentary, "Hot Coffee". I had never seen a picture of the burns that woman received from the spilt McDonald's coffee. The joke we've been hearing for years is completely misleading. Those burns were horrific.

Here, look at the job local Chicago news does on a child in this piece:

Everything about this shooting is disgusting, but so is the news piece.